Bactevo has developed a tightly integrated set of game-changing proprietary technologies which radically disrupt current methods of creating new medicines.  This Totally Integrated Medicines  Engine (TIME) has been devised to answer the needs of drug discovery and development scientists without adhering to the limitations of existing processes and utilises the best in 21st century technologies of microfluidics, nanofabrication and artificial intelligence.



Two channels of chemistry feed a high-content screening platform that performs billions of assays in a single day, using extremely small samples, thus enabling scarce patient-derived tissue or cells to direct the selection of chemical start points. An additional benefit, is that complex secondary assays to assess drug-like properties and toxicity can be performed simultaneously, generating an enormous amount of up-front drug-enabling data.

One proprietary chemistry channel is the world’s most versatile and high throughput method of synthesising medicinally-relevant small molecules, which can make and screen billions of tag-less molecules at multiple concentrations (up to millimolar) in days. The other novel chemistry channel allows the rapid identification and isolation of biologically-evolved small molecules from billions of in-house generated chemical-producing mutants made from bacteria representing the entire bacterial kingdom. Together these chemistry platforms allow access to practically infinite chemistry space and extremely fast chemical optimisation from a more thorough exploration of structure activity space.

This coupling of these types of chemistry with ultra-high-throughput high content screening, not only allows extremely fast cycle times, but also allows the simultaneous use of secondary screening assays to change the paradigm of iterative discovery to parallel discovery. In combination, these platforms will offer next generation breakthrough medicines ready for in vivo assessment in a faster and smarter way to bring much needed effectual medicines rapidly to patients.